Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

I’m a terrible gifter. I play it safe and just go for gift cards. I mean, who DOESN’T like money you can spend on your own, right? Well, it was brought to my attention that gifting isn’t just about being materialistic, but also plays a little sentimental part—you know, the whole “it’s the ‘thought’ that counts?” Well, I was told that I wasn’t really giving any “thought” with a gift card.


Father’s Day is just around the corner. What do you get a man who already has everything?

So, in a way, I get it. It IS the thought that counts for gifting, and most likely a practical one too–a dad who loves to BBQ, but doesn’t have all the tools to do it. How about father who is the fixer-upper, but hates lugging around his heavy tool chest? It’s the little things and gestures that count. Dads are men of very few words, and the subtle cues that you pick up can really make his day.

Here are some gifting ideas to help a dad out without breaking the bank.

Stainless Steel Grill Set: $26.99

Not only does it look sleek and minimalistic, this SS grill set is a great way to organize, convenient storage, and easy to carry all his tools for a successful cookout! This is the perfect gift for a Father’s Day BBQ!

Multi-Functional Backpack: $29.98

This is for the traveling, outdoorsy dads out there! This multi-functional backpack fits a 17″ laptop, USB built-in charging cable and a headphone jack that’s easily accessible for the on-the-go dad.

CROSS Pens: $15.39

These pens are actually my favorite to gift, for both men and women. They are stylish, sleek, and its ergonomic designs makes it easy to write. This style of pen can range from $15-1k, but no matter the price, the quality is perfection and would be a great addition in your dad’s office space.

Indoor Grill: $27.80

Raining on Father’s Day? The night calls for a quick and quiet dinner, but still want that smoke-house taste? No problem—indoor grill! Get those beautiful grill marks, no mess, easy clean with non-stick surface, and still get that sizzling sound. Even better, it’s also a griddle!

RFID Blocking, Low-profile Wallet: $27.98

This is for the minimalist, simple, and practical dad. The original RIDGE Carbon Fiber wallet can cost easily over $50, but this knock-off is a great low-end. Made of quality material, this carbon fiber wallet blocks RFID readers, low-profile and easily slips in the pocket—because you know, dads don’t have purses. This is also beautifully packaged, great for gifting!

Beer Chill Sticks: $14.99

Don’t mess with a dad and his beer! These beer chill sticks are 100% FDA compliant, BPA free, dishwasher safe and easy to clean! Clean and put it back in the freezer. Beer and BBQ go hand in hand, literally. While dad smokes up the meat, help him keep his beer chilled during the hot summer BBQ days with the fam!

Multi-tool Kit: $19.74

You can always count on dad to do the little fixes around the house. Help a dad out with this multi-tool kit, compact, light-weight with stainless steel construction. With its 10-tool set, it is a convenient piece for a handy-man. No need to lug a huge tool box for minor fixes!

Shop away for this father’s day! I hope these options fit the everyday lifestyle for the man of the house.


21 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

  1. I bought an RFID blocking wallet for my father at Christmas, and he was incredibly happy!
    For the older generations, the pace of change in technology is intimidating, so any gifts that can put these fears at ease is a win.

  2. I used to give pens to my dad when he was still alive. This Father’s Day season makes me miss him badly

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