November Favorites

November Favorites

Winter is coming, so that means it is time to bundle up! Here are some of my favorite cover-ups under $50!

I love midi skirts because they still give off that flirty vibe while still being warm and comfortable. I’m big into the pleated/flowy and leather midis—appropriate for this fall/winter season.


Like Summer dresses, Fall dresses are just as fun to wear. Again, I like to keep it conservative because it is more comfortable during the cold weather. Also, a lot of holiday parties are coming up with family reunions and meeting-the-parents, so keeping it dressy and classy is usually the way to go. Here are my favorite styles—from casual to dressy. Most of these styles look great with a statement belt, so I’ve linked some of my favorites as well.



Boots and OTK boots sounds like it should be the weather appropriate shoes, but booties are my favorite because you can style it with so many outfits. My favorite way to style my booties are with long, flowy midi skirts/dresses.


These are huge during this fall season because it stands out with the monochromatic darker tones of fall.


I hope this gave you an idea on some key items for this holiday season. I’ll be doing a post on Thanksgiving outfits for different dinner events and also a Christmas outfit mood board. Stay tuned!





Castor Oil and Hair Growth

Castor Oil and Hair Growth

Hair—short or long, straight or curly–it has always reflected the cultural zeitgeist. Over the centuries, hair has depicted status and also presented as a fashion statement. Whatever we do with our hair, it’s something that we manage, whether it be for fashion or health.

We’ve all heard the craze with castor oil and its beauty benefits. What exactly does it do?



What is Castor Oil?
Castor oil (Ricinus communis) is composed of Ricinoleic acid, 18 fatty acids–including omega 6 and 9, vitamin E, and other minerals, all of which which are essential beauty ingredients.

Why cold-pressed?
There are actually different methods to extract castor oil from its seed, but the cold-pressed method is more beneficial to achieve healthy hair. The oil is extracted with no heat, which preserves a lot of nutrients in the seeds. You will know it is organically cold-pressed due to the pale yellow color of the oil.

How does it help with hair growth?
There are a number of factors that ensures health hair growth, with the most important is the health of your scalp–healthy scalp means a healthy environment for your hair. The ricinoleic acid and fatty acids improves circulation in scalp. Castor oil also naturally moisturizes and conditions hair. Another added benefit of castor oil is that it has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can helps fight scalp problems like folliculities, dandruff, and scalp infections.

Now, will it INDUCE hair growth? No. It doesn’t have any effect on the actual growth in the follicle, but it will HELP hair grow longer and thicker because hair will be less prone to breakage and prevent premature shedding.

Live Fraîche
I have naturally very fine hair, so I put a lot of mascara. Although mascara enhances your eyelashes, it can also dehydrate and affect the health of your eyelashes, especially when removing–which can easily strip your lashes.

I’ve tried other eyelash serums, and they were messy. I’m assuming cold-pressed castor oil have all the same benefits, no matter the brand due to the process of extracting, but what I love about Live Fraîche eye lash serum is its packaging–chic, no mess, and easy to use. Since castor oil helps moisturize and condition my eyelashes, mascara also applies a lot smoother and cleaner on the lashes. When I remove my mascara with make up remover, it doesn’t feel like it’s too aggressive because the mascara comes off easily–which is great because I don’t feel like i’m pulling lashes.

Live Fraîche eye lash serum is “certified organic” with the USDA Organic seal, so you know it is truly 100% cold-pressed organic castor oil. 

You can use my code 20BYTrish for a 20% discount on their eyelash serum and other products!







The bomber jacket–an effortless outerwear style. It is a popular transition piece during a time of awkward transition phase from fall-winter when you’re stuck in deciding if you should wear something light or heavy.

The bomber jacket (or varsity/flight jacket) was a military flight jacket that was used in WWI when pilots were required to wear something durable and warm. Now it has become a popular trend for both men and women. Here are some ways to style your bomber jacket.







The popular green bomber jacket goes well with everything–can’t decide what to wear? Throw on the army greens and some avi’s and you’re set! This look can “un-basic” a basic outfit.




There are some days where you want to wear that cute dress, but it looks way too formal for casual wear. Sporty that posh look with a bomber!




Embroidered bomber jackets can add a pop of color to any neutral outfit.




Nothing screams a bold statement like, “I’m cold AF.”