All About the Lace Fabric

The lace fabric is a delicate and versatile piece of garment. It can be sexy and romantic, but however you wear it, the intricate patterns has no stereotype.


Lace is a delicate fabric where different patterns are sewn together to achieve a web-like pattern. Lacemaking was considered an art and meticulously made with silk, linen, gold, and silver. Production was limited, so it was sought after as the garment of choice for the insanely rich and powerful.

Flash forward a few centuries later, the evolution of lace garments have changed thanks to the 1920 flapper’s modern take on this romanticized fabric. Patterns were meshed with different designs and fabrics for a more comfortable fit.

Lace is such a complex piece of fabric. That peek-a-boo material with the “barely there” presentation can easily be sexy, romantic, classy, or even sloppy. However you wear it, its intricate and beautiful pattern has no stereotype.

Here are my favorite looks for lace—both sexy and chic.

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