The Getaway House Experience

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Justin and I needed to get away. This doesn’t mean doing a staycation at a resort or nearby boutique B&B. I mean, REALLY get away from the hustle an bustle from the city. Justin works for San Antonio Fire Department, exposed to all situations a large city can offer. We live in an area in San Antonio that is the fastest growing economy in the NATION! Seriously, it’s rush hour every hour—it’s insane. So I figured we find a place where we can escape the city and of course, dog friendly .

The Getaway House was the perfect place–tucked in the middle of the woods, simple living, and DOG FRIENDLY! There arr different locations in the U.S, also perfectly situated in the middle of the woods. Here are quick highlights about this place.

Booking & Check-In & Check-Out

The booking process is very easy. I was confused at first because I had no idea what to expect because there isn’t a check-in counter or room keys.

  1. You’ll get a confirmation email of your booking. You get until 15 days to cancel, or else you will have to either pay half or full booking fee.
  2. A few days before your stay, you will be given another email of your Cabin name, map, and directions.
  3. Check-in is at 3pm. 2 hours before your stay, you will be texted the lock code to access your cabin which is secured by a digital lock. This code will expire after your stay.
  4. Check out is at 11am on check out day. Simply take all your belongings and lock the door. We were running behind, but we were able to text management and they allowed us to stay a few minutes past check-out time.

Management is extremely attentive and VERY responsive via email and text.

The getaway house welcome letter - Late By Lattes
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Are You Secluded?

Now, it IS a cabin in the middle of the woods, but rest assured, you are not in an EVIL DEAD movie. It feels and looks secluded, but you DO have neighbors. Infact, it’s like a little community, but the trees are so dense that you can’t even see the neighbors.

The Getaway House - Late by Lattes
There is a cabin just down that pathway behind me, but you can’t see them because of the dense trees

Are Pets Allowed?

Yes, ABSOLUTELY! Your pets are guests too! It’s only 1 fee of $40. The rooms are quite small, and we had 2 big Siberian Huskies with us. They took up the entire floor space of the cabin, so I wouldn’t suggest bringing more than 2 big dogs. They will provide dog bowls, food, and treats. The picnic table outside has a very long wire where you can hook your dogs since they advise to keep your dogs secured at all times.

BE RESPONSIBLE! They provide doggy bags, so please pick up after your dogs. The bed has white sheets and blanket. Bring your dog’s blanket to place over the bed if you plan on having your dogs sleep with you on the bed. Best option is to bring their beds to place on the floor.
TIP 1: The cabin is small, and the bed can take up floor space. I would suggest leaving it in the car or outside until you are ready to bring it in before they sleep.
TIP 2: Bring flea/tick collars. My dogs are in a monthly flea/tick medication, but I would have their wear flea/tick collars just as an extra protection so that you have piece of mind that they won’t piggy back on your dogs when they enter the cabin. I got mine here, very inexpensive, all natural ingredients, adjustable, good for 1 year, and comes with 2 collars.

The Getaway House pet friendly - Late By lattes

What To Pack?

You really don’t need to pack much aside from basic necessities.

The Basics:The Getaway House What to Pack - Late by Lattes

TIP 1: I would advise to bring extra layer of clothing in the wintertime. The cabin has a soft thick blanket and a heating/cooling system, but I would bring your own blanket just incase you want to cozy up outside in the campire.
TIP 2: They have a first aid kit, but don’t forget to bring your specific medications.
TIP 3: My dogs are in a flea/tick medication every month, but I got them a flea/tick collar just in case. This is where I got mine. It’s good for 1 year and comes with 2 collars, adjustable, and all natural ingredients.

The Kitchen

There is a full kitchen—stove, fridge, pots/pans, basic cooking ingredients, plates, bowls, and utensils. Just bring extra ingredients if you plan on cooking something. The Getaway House What's in the Kitchen - Late By Lattes


  • Coffee. . . . . . . . .$1.50
  • Tea. . . . . . . . . . .$2.50
  • Oatmeal. . . . . . .$3.50
  • Hot chocolate. . . .$0.50
  • Tiny Tates . . . . . . . . .$2.00
  • Pasta. . . . . . . . . $5.00
  • Pasta sauce. . . . $7.50
  • Jerky. . . . . . . . . .$4.00
  • Swedish fish. . . . . . .$1.00
  • Log bundle. . . . .$6.50
  • Fire starter. . . . . . .$2.00

The Bathroom

The bathroom is emaculately clean and stocked with soft towels and toilet paper. The shower stall is lined with stainless steel and the soap, shampoo, and conditioner are vegan, natural, and biodegradeable.

The Getaway House bathroom - Late by Lattes

The Bed

Of couse, nothing screams cozy than a cozy bed. Some cabins have bunkbeds and some have 1 queen size bed, depending on how many quests are registered. We stayed in a cabin with 1 queen size bed with 4 extremely soft pillows and a soft cozy blanket.

The Getaway House bed - late by lattes

The View

See for yourself.

The Getaway House large bedroom window - Late by Lattes

The Outdoors

You have your own private outdoor campsite, which includes a firepit with grilling grate, picnic table and chairs.

The Getaway House Galen Cabin - Late by lattes

Electronics/Cell Service

There is no wifi. Data and cell reception is good, but don’t expect it to be perfect. In fact, there is a cellphone lockbox for truly an unadulterated unplugged experience. There is a landline in case you need to contact management or if there is an emergency.

No TV, just books, bluetooth radio (which looks vintage, btw), simple board games and cards.

The getaway house library - late by lattes

The Getaway House cellphone lockbox - Late BY Lattes


We only stayed for 1 night, but I would suggest staying longer. Piney Woods has a variety of activities for the family such as hiking, swimming, fishing, and ziplining. There is a map included in your getaway packet when you arrive.

The Getaway House is the perfect place to free your mind, destress, and truly take an R&R. You can still experience a relatively more simple living, but still feel comfortable. You can experience the seclusion without actually being secluded and having a piece of mind that there are other people around. What I truly appreciate about this experience is how included my pets are so that the entire family can take part in this wonderful adventure.

I’ve linked a discount code for you guys, because everyone deserves some peace of mind.



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