The Delta One Suite Experience: Is It Worth It?

The Delta One Experience - Late by lattes

I’d like to start-off by saying that I normally do NOT have the luxury to fly Business class on a regular basis. This was an opportunity to use my miles and was able to upgrade for less than $1k. So, why not? It’s another travel experience that I can check-off in my book, seeing as this may possibly never happen again. With that said, I would like to share my Delta One Suite experience and hope this will help make you decide if this is something for you or if it’s just something you’d like to check-off on your bucket list of “fancy-schmancy things to do before you die.”

I planned a Pacific trip from San Antonio, Texas to the Philippines. From there, I planned to visit Guam and Japan.  The Texas – Philippine flight had a grand total of 26 hours with multiple flights and layovers–the longest stretch being about 15 hours.

PREMIUM SELECT – A class up from Delta Economy

Before we begin the Delta One spiel, I’d like to touch-up on a brief recap on my Premium Select experience because it is a great way to compare the different class cabins in Delta. I flew Premium Select from my flight to San Antonio, Texas to the Philippines—a great upgrade from Economy for just a few hundred bucks, and, in my opinion, a good deal for comfort, seeing as I had a long-haul of 15 hours on my longest connecting flight. Access to the Delta Lounge is also a nice touch. Wifi in the airport, although most of the time free—sucks. In the Delta Lounge, you get to sit, relax, eat, drink, and do whatever you please. On a side note: International Delta lounges feel very exclusive, quiet, and relaxing. I’ve noticed domestic Delta lounges feel more like a cafeteria, crowded, and food/drink selections are—eh.

With Delta Premium Select, you get priority boarding, which is pretty crucial, especially on a full flight. My flights were full and there were your occasional in-flight space-hogs, so of course, it was either you place your bags inconveniently in another spot or check-in your bags because there was not enough space. However, with Premium Select, you get a dedicated overhead binspace. NO ONE, except your seatmate can place their bags in that space.

In-flight service was also top-notch. You have an assigned flight attendant and meals were served with Alessi serviceware and silverware with 5-Star restaurant service quality–you know–napkin placed on lap and table. I felt a little uncomfortable with the service, ONLY because I’m not used to this type of elevated service. Snacks were served, and we are not talking about peanuts and crackers, but plates of cheese, fruits, and ice cream. I believe I declined at one point because I was just way too full to even function. For those who prefer a nice glass of rosé for a more comfortable, and unwinding experience, drinks & alcoholic drinks are complimentary. 

The seats were a must, and totally worth the extra $300 dollars. The seats were wider, reclined further, and a foot rest. The touchscreen TV was large. You will receive a TUMI amenities kit and LSTI noise-cancelling headphones.

The experience was great. Although seats were a lot wider, I still felt very uncomfortable sitting next to someone, mainly because I feel I am too considerate for the person next to me. Does that even make sense? I’m a pretty restless person (I can barely sit still in the movies), so trying to sit still and being extremely mindful of the person next to me is a little awkward. 


Delta Premium Select Leg Space - Late BY lattes
Extra leg-room


Delta Premium Select Meal - Late by Lattes
Quality serviced meals.


Delta Premium Select Space - Late by Lattes
Leg room, foot rest, and outlets.


Delta Premium Select Amenities - Late by Lattes
TUMI amenities kit, noise-cancelling headphones, slippers.


Delta Premium Select Amenities - Bubbles - Late By Lattes
Complimentary drinks


Delta Premium Select TV Monitor - Late by Lattes
Larger touch screen monitor



There are two seat configurations in Delta Business Class—Delta One, and Delta One Suites. These seats are only on select long-haul flights and planes. Let’s delve into the Delta One:

Delta One – Luxury & Comfort

The Delta One seats have a 180 degree reclining bed with direct access to the aisle. The bedding is from Westin Heavenly, and if you don’t know about this, Westin probably has the MOST comfortable bedding/pillows, EVER.  Amenities remain the same as Premium Select. Pre-flight is the same with lounge access and priority boarding. You have a dedicated binspace, and the in-flight service was just the same as Premium Select from meals, serviceware, and complimentary drinks. 

Delta One

Delta One Westin Sheets - Late by Lattes
Westin Heavenly bedding. Extremely comfortable, fluffy, and airy!


Delta One Space - late by Lattes
Delta One personalized space, with 180 degree reclining seats.


Delta One 5- Star Breakfast - late by Lattes
Delta One breakfast with Alessi dinnerware and silverware. This was very tasty. The sausages didn’t look very appetizing, but it was actually pretty good.


Delta One Coffee - Late By Lattes
Yes, I have to have coffee. Complimentary alcoholic drinks? Sure. But coffee? VERY SURE.


Delta One Suites – Luxury, Comfort, & Privacy

Delta One Suites has all the goodies from Delta One, except one MAJOR difference—PRIVACY. Although the Delta One does have a degree of privacy with an enclosed barrier, Delta One Suites is an actual–ROOM, with a latched sliding door. 

Delta One Suites - late by Lattes
The Delta One Suite. Very welcoming.


Delta One Suites Aisle view - Late by lattes
View of the aisle from inside the suite. Still very private with doors open.


You don’t think spacious when you think of commercial planes, but, this was definitely spacious for me. I am 5’7″ and I felt like I was able to move around comfortably around my little enclosed cubicle. My trick to getting comfortable and utilizing the space is to fully recline the chair 180 degrees, that way I am able to just move around, whether it be sitting or laying down.  The suite is 22-24 inches wide and up to 79 inches long. The seats are made of memory foam cushion, and you still have the Westin Heavenly bedding, but this time, you have TWO pillows—GASP! 

Delta One Suite Westin Heavenly Pillows - Late by Lattes
TWO Westin Heavenly Pillows?! Ugh. SPOILED!


Delta One Suites 180 degree reclining seats, memory foam, beds - Late by Lattes
Getting ready for bed, full 180 degree recline seats. I like to keep it at this position most of the time so I can fully utilize the space and free to move around inside the suite.

Amenties were the same with the LSTI noise-cancelling headphones. However, I found them a little uncomfortable after a while, especially when I was trying to lay down while watching tv. The TUMI kit was my favorite, high quality carrying pouch with your usual in-flight kit and included Kiel’s skincare. 

Delta One Suites Storage Compartment - Late By Lattes
LSTI noise-cancelling headphones and storage space located behind your seat.


Delta One Suites TUMI Amenities Pouch - Late By Lattes
Fancy TUMI amenities pouch.


Delta One Suites TUMI Amenities - Late By Lattes
Pouch, Kiel’s Skincare products, toothbrush/crest toothpaste, socks (very comfortable, non itchy material), pen, eyemask, hand sanitizer, pen, mouthwash, and tissues.

The TV was an 18-inch high resolution touch screen, highly responsive. Also, the in-flight entertainment had a large selection of movies and tv shows.  

Delta One Suites 18 inch Touch Monitor - Late by Lattes
Highly responsive touch screen 18 inch TV monitor. Large selection of music, shows, and movies.

The Suite

You have 5 different storage areas: a large storage area under your side desk, ON your desk, behind your seat, at the foot of your recliner (you still have space under your bed at the foot when fully reclined to 180), and your overhead bin, which by the way, is HUUUUUUGE–a bin meant for 2 is all YOURS!

Delta One Suites Under Desk Storage Space - Late by Lattes
This storage space is located under your desk area.


Delta One Suites Foot Storage Space - Late by Lattes
Another storage area is under the TV monitor at the foot of the fully-reclined bed.


Delta One Suites Desk Storage Space - Late By Lattes
Large desk space, but can ask as a storage area too. The decorative window is a sliding window and can be opened.


Delta One Suites Storage Compartment - Late By Lattes
Tumi noise-cancelling headphones and storage space located behind your seat.


Before the flight, the sliding doors are locked in an open position until the flight attendant unlocks them at a certain point after lift-off. Ambient light is very relaxing when cabin lights are turned off. The latched sliding door is heavy and quick when closing, so be careful you don’t pin your fingers. 

Delta One Suites ambient light, comfortable - Late by Lattes
Ambient light, keeping it a peaceful, comfortable environment.
Delta One Suites Latch Door - Late by Lattes
Sliding door latch. It’s heavy and slides fast. Be careful with your fingers!


Meal service is almost the same, but your are served a 3 course meal–appetizers, main course, and dessert. You are graciously served with 5-star quality. Of course, the neverending snacks are included. Again, I was at a point where I had to decline meals, but their snacks were very well prepared. 

Delta One Suite Appetizer - Late by Lattes


Delta One Suites Dinner Steak - Late By Lattes
Steak was very tender, tasty, and LOVING the grill marks. Polenta was delicious touch to cleanse the palate. The veggies were lightly seasoned.



I had a similar opportunity with United Airlines a few years back, but the experience definitely is not comparable with Delta’s service. I had paid full price for the Business Class for United. They don’t have the Suites. Right now Delta is the only US Airline that has this configuration, but it did have the 180 reclining beds. Service was OK. The flight attendants just handed your meals and you pretty much never heard from them again until it was ready for them to pick up the plates. Meal selection was a BUST. They only had 2 of the 4 meals because they said that “most of their passengers on this flight were upgraded.” OK, what does that even mean? Upgraded or not, service should be the same.


Its worth really depends on how you vacation. If you spend a lot of your vacation money on shopping, then maybe this isn’t worth the price, maybe not even worth the upgrade on a discounted price. If you enjoy reaping the rewards of your hard-earned money, then this is a great experience. If you enjoy luxury, this is for you. Service, food, comfort, and just an overall easy traveling experience from the airport to the airplane. Remember, you are paying for comfort. These long-haul flights can be as long as 15-hours. If you can handle 15 hour flights in smaller seats, then it’s not worth the purchase.

For me, if I could afford Delta One ALL the time, I can honestly say I would book it for long-haul flights. I’m a pretty restless person. I can barely sit still in the movies. If there are upgrades available, SNATCH IT! On the other hand though, Premium Select isn’t bad either, which is a couple thousand dollars cheaper. You pretty much get the same service, amenities, meals, boarding, and lounge access as Delta One, just without the bedding and privacy. If you are traveling with your significant other, it’s probably best to save the few thousand dollars seeing as you can remove the arm barrier between you, extend the space a little, and have a little bit more comfort. 

Have you flown Delta One or any business class? What was your experience? Do you think it’s worth it?

Delta One Suites - Late by Lattes
Luxury, comfort, and privacy

Let me know! Comment below!

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  2. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing experience in Delta suite. And in my opinion yes its worth. Leg room is spacious and the food looks quiet good

  3. I’ve never flown with Delta before, but it looks so great! I would love to check it out for myself one day.

  4. I haven’t experienced it but this sounds like a great upgrade, I bet it will be more convenient

  5. Never flown with Delta before, so this is a great review. The suite option looks like absolute luxury.

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