The Cracked Mug

The Cracked Mug—aesthetically pleasing and a peaceful place to grab a cup of joe. It is located in The Shops at Old Town Helotes, fitting perfectly well amongst quaint local shops like a winery and an ice cream shop. One of the main reasons why I enjoy visiting local coffee shops is because every shop has a different atmosphere. The Cracked Mug has a fusion of “The Secret Garden” meets “American Pickers” vibe. The shared courtyard is open and cloaked by tent of trees with just enough room for crepuscular rays glistening the courtyard.


It’s not a coffee shop I approve of without it being dog friendly. They have an awesome staff, who are JUST as into pups as I am—two of them even have huskies!

The menu is small, yet simple-you can have a cup of coffee to sit and relax without having the need to order something else to “fulfill” your visit. On the contrary, if you feel like having something light to fill your stomach to satisfy your hunger, they have a simple, straightforward menu and still not feel like you’re eating in a busy restaurant. Of course, I always go for the signature lattes—a Willie Nelson, why not?!

If you get a chance, stop by Old Town Helotes, enjoy this rustic town (more about this town later) and don’t forget to grab your coffee.

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