The Classic Penny Loafer

From bad boy James Dean, Michael Jackson Moonwalking, and preppy Ivy Schoolers–the loafer is traditional yet modern. This style of shoe has transcended throughout history and has become the quintessential shoe to “prep” up a style or add a dash of dapper to a dainty, girly outfit.

More than a century ago, Norwegian dairy farmers wore leather shoes with straps across to milk the cows. In the 1930s, The Spaulding family made shoes influenced by the Norwegian dairy farmers and named them “loafers.” The name derived from the cows who “loafed”  around the milking area. Then, a few years later, G.H. Bass and Co. came in the scene and named it “WeeJuns” –a play on “Norwegian.” They added their spin on the “loafer” by added that iconic strap across the shoe with slots to place a penny so that the wearer always had a penny to make a phone-call.

Personally, I love loafers because of its versatility–from tomboy to chic, to casual to refined. Here are some of my favorite ways to wear loafers.

Cover up! Loafers completes the cover-up look for cooler weather and adds a little bit of sophistication.

Out of my favorite styles, you’ll probably see me more often pairing loafers with shorts. Shorts can be sexy, but pair them with loafers, it can turn the outfit from sexy to chic. It gives an outfit a pinch of sophistication.

Who says winter/fall is boot/bootie season? Give those boots a break–since they’ll probably be in-use 24/7. Boots look awesome with a long coat, but loafers can definitely achieve that same classiness.




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