How To Wear a Sheer Blouse

When I think of “sheer,” I think of lingerie or curtains. Either way, not something you’d like to wear outside the house. Sheer shouldn’t look inappropriate, but should look feminine and chic if worn the right way. This is a perfect trend to transition into fall—it covers enough skin to keep you warm and feels airy to keep you cool during warmer times of the day. Here are some tips to pull-off this look.


Accessories help finish an outfit, but it can also focus or divert attention to a certain part of the outfit. A trendy belt is a perfect piece to do that job. It is situated perfectly in the middle of your body, so it can even out the focus to the entire outfit–diverting the focus from the bare skin underneath and make it appear just part of the outfit. In addition, it wouldn’t hurt to add on some wrist candy and neckpieces.

The Right Bra

With a sheer blouse, you’ll need to find the right bra. Bralettes are  perfect for this outfit. They come in many styles and perfect to highlight the outfit. For a sheer top that’s plain, a trendy bralette would do the job. If your sheer top is detailed/lace, I would get a plain bralette–to not overshadow the design of the blouse.


Layering outfits can transform an outfit completely. With sheer blouses, you can either keep it fun by wearing it as is, or layer it with a cute jacket or blazer.

Keep it simple, keep it appropriate. Do you like the sheer shirt trend?






Outfit details:

Blouse: Zara
Belt: Express
Shorts: H&M
Blazer: Banana Republic
Hat: Lack of Color


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I actually really like the blazer with the shorts. Perfect outfit for a business retreat or just a fun weekend trip.

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