Vitamin C in the Strawberry

Vitamin C in the Strawberry

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin because it is one of the vitamins that are not synthesized by the human body. We consume it from our fruits and vegetables, supplements, and also apply it topically for skin health benefits.


  1. Boosts skin collagen production: plump and firm skin, smooths wrinkles
  2. Antioxidant properties: fights sun damage
  3. Wound Healing: heals scars
  4. Fights dry skin

Oranges have been the most celebrated as the source of vitamin C, but did you know that there is a fruit that has more vitamin c than the orange?


Did you know that strawberries contain 14% more vitamin C than oranges? Vitamin C serums are important in skincare, but they can be costly. I usually use IS Clinical Vitamin C Pro Heal Serum, it works great, but it costs an arm and a leg.

Volition Beauty came up with a Vitamin C serum derived from strawberries–half the price of most serums with more to offer! It’s beautifully packaged with a frosted glass bottle and glass dropper.


  2. STRAWBERRY SEED EXTRACT: nourishes & moisturizes
  3. STRAWBERRY FRUIT EXTRACT: brighten & unclogs pores
  4. HYALURONIC ACID: reduce inflammation, firms skin
  5. KAKADU PLUM: reduce appearance of wrinkles & redness
  6. SEA WATER: protects against inflammation, reduce appearance of pores
  7. ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID: more stable form, longer shelf life
  8. You only need a pea size to cover entire face
  9. VERY light weight
  10. Layers well under make up, no patching!

What I’m most excited for about this product is the amount of vitamin c you get for half the price of my favorite vitamin c serum. Not only do you get more of the product, but it lasts longer due to the more stable type of vitamin c–ethyl ascorbic acid—although not the MOST potent type, it still does the job.

All About the Lace Fabric

All About the Lace Fabric
The lace fabric is a delicate and versatile piece of garment. It can be sexy and romantic, but however you wear it, the intricate patterns has no stereotype.


Lace is a delicate fabric where different patterns are sewn together to achieve a web-like pattern. Lacemaking was considered an art and meticulously made with silk, linen, gold, and silver. Production was limited, so it was sought after as the garment of choice for the insanely rich and powerful.

Flash forward a few centuries later, the evolution of lace garments have changed thanks to the 1920 flapper’s modern take on this romanticized fabric. Patterns were meshed with different designs and fabrics for a more comfortable fit.

Lace is such a complex piece of fabric. That peek-a-boo material with the “barely there” presentation can easily be sexy, romantic, classy, or even sloppy. However you wear it, its intricate and beautiful pattern has no stereotype.

Here are my favorite looks for lace—both sexy and chic.

London Fog Recipe

London Fog Recipe


Coffee and tea–rivals since 1773 (when drinking tea was considered unpatriotic in America after the Boston Tea Party), but that’s all behind us now, although, there are people who fancy one over the other for personal preference.

I am more of a coffee drinker, but I usually like to drink tea at night because it feels more cozy and easy on my stomach. This then brings me to another latte recipe—london fog–an earl gray tea latte. Here’s my recipe:

Bigelow earl gray tea bag
1/2 cup hot water
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp honey (or to taste)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1. Steep your tea with 1/2 cup of hot water

2. While tea is steeping, froth milk:
Using Nespresso Aeroccino

Using frothing wisk: heat milk, honey, and vanilla in saucepan but not to boil. Use wisk until milk foths.
Using french press: Heat milk, vanilla extract, honey in microwave and pour warm milk in french press. Pump up and down with plunger until it froths.

3. Pour frothed milk in a stainless steel creamer pitcher or something you can easily pour with (if you used the French press, you can just pour from there, but just remove the lid). I like to use a SS creamer pitcher because it pours the froth better).

4. Express tea bag in the cup with a spoon to make sure you have a good concentrate of tea in the water. Throw tea bag and pour frothed milk slowly.

5. Garnish with cinnamon sugar

Cozy up and enjoy!

A Whole “Latte” Love For You

A Whole “Latte” Love For You

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate it than with good ol’ Mr. Cuppa Joe.

Here’s how to make a beautiful Valentine’s latte.

Note: If you don’t have a frother, you can use a french press, but I’ve linked an inexpensive hand-held, easy-to-use frother from Amazon.

What you will need:

  1. Freshly brewed espresso (or dark roast coffee)
  2. Milk
  3. Starbucks Caramel Syrup or Vanilla extract
  4. Pink and/or red crystals for garnish (if you want to make it fancy)
  5. Whipped cream (again, fancy factor)
  6. Red food coloring (actually important)
  7. Clear coffee mug (fancy factor AND important)

Step 1:
Measure liquids. You’re only going to use 1/3 of your coffee mug for brewed coffee, and the rest is milk. Set your coffee aside in something you can pour with later, preferably with a spout. Place the milk in a sauce pan.

Step 2:
Add 3 pumps of Starbucks Caramel Syrup and 3 drops of red food coloring. Slowly mix and heat the mixture, BUT NOT TO BOIL!

Step 3:
Once the milk mixsture is hot, pour it in a french press (if you have a frother, you can use the frother in the saucepan). Swiftly pump up and down with the plunger for about 30 seconds. You will notice the milk mixture start to foam.

Step 4:
Once you have frothed the milk mixture, REMOVE FRENCH PRESS LID (so you don’t separate the foam) and pour it in your coffee mug.

Step 5:
Pour the coffee SLOWLY in the coffee mug. Use the round end of the spoon to help pour it slowly.

Step 6:
Whip out that whipped cream and garnish with the pink sugar crystals!



The Cracked Mug

The Cracked Mug

The Cracked Mug—aesthetically pleasing and a peaceful place to grab a cup of joe. It is located in The Shops at Old Town Helotes, fitting perfectly well amongst quaint local shops like a winery and an ice cream shop. One of the main reasons why I enjoy visiting local coffee shops is because every shop has a different atmosphere. The Cracked Mug has a fusion of “The Secret Garden” meets “American Pickers” vibe. The shared courtyard is open and cloaked by tent of trees with just enough room for crepuscular rays glistening the courtyard.


It’s not a coffee shop I approve of without it being dog friendly. They have an awesome staff, who are JUST as into pups as I am—two of them even have huskies!

The menu is small, yet simple-you can have a cup of coffee to sit and relax without having the need to order something else to “fulfill” your visit. On the contrary, if you feel like having something light to fill your stomach to satisfy your hunger, they have a simple, straightforward menu and still not feel like you’re eating in a busy restaurant. Of course, I always go for the signature lattes—a Willie Nelson, why not?!

If you get a chance, stop by Old Town Helotes, enjoy this rustic town (more about this town later) and don’t forget to grab your coffee.