At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?As Told by A Dental Hygienist

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We’ve seen sponsored reviews and wonder, “is it sugar coated?” Are they saying these wonderful things because they’re either paid to say it, even if it’s supposed to be an “honest” review?

To begin, this IS a sponsored post, but, I go about differently when accepting partnerships, especially when it has something to do in my career field as a dental professional. I do my research before agreeing to work with a company. I have not seen any reviews from a dental professional about Smile Brilliant, so this is a great opportunity to open up about this. Yes, I will discuss the process and my overall experience, but most importantly I will bring in my two cents into it as a dental professional.


I received an email from Emma, one of Smile Brilliant’s Media marketers, to see if I wanted to begin a collaboration with their company. Of course, my spidey dental senses went on full alert. I’ve heart about Smile Brilliant, and yes, they are probably one of the most popular online teeth whitening system out there, especially amongst bloggers. I’ve had several fellow blogger friends who have joined into this campaign with wonderful reviews, but again, they’re not dental professionals, and of course, I had some questions.

Emma and I exchanged emails—a LOT of emails. I was surprised how knowledgable she is and how attentive she is to my concerns. That, already, was a great sign that there was no “beating around the bush,” type of conversation.

Smile Brilliant Review from a Dental Professional Whitening Kit- Late by Lattes

Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit


“What research did you do,” you might ask.

Well, first off, is Smile Brilliant a legitimate company? They were founded by dental professionals. They are actually a dental lab, meaning, dental clinics send their cases to them to fabricate appliances for their patients. What I admire about them is that they do HIGHLY encourage regular dental check ups and treatment before doing any teeth whitening.

Legality and the meaning of “Professional Grade” whitening

Is it legal to sell “professional” grade whitening outside of dental clinics? That really depends on what type of “professional grade” whitening you are talking about. There is the “In-Office” professional grade, which has a HIGH concentration of bleach. Then there is a “professional grade” which is safe for home use—still high concentration of bleach, but not as strong as the In-Office.

Spas and their “In-Office” Professional Whitening

Only a licensed dentist and clinic can administer the concentration of bleach in which you can achieve that “Hollywood” smile. Concentrations are different, AND most importantly procedures are different. For legal issues, no dental professional is allowed to touch the mouth. The client will be the only one to insert the trays themselves and maneuver any light that might be involved in the system. Of course, without the proper training, it can be risky because the bleach can bleed into the gums and cause a severe and painful chemical burn. Another thing to consider are sterilization techniques. Only an OSHA regulated dental clinic can ensure proper sterilization of their equipment.

Light Vs. No Light

You see a lot of these portable light devices for teeth whitening on the internet. Do they work? Well, not really. The only type of “light” that will actually show “dramatic” results is UV, any other light, it has no effect. With that said, the UV light causes a false positive result, meaning, the teeth will look dramatically whiter because the teeth are further dehydrated. However, after a couple of days, teeth are back to normal, and this is called rebound. That is why most offices require AND encourage you to purchase take home whitening kits as a way to mask the rebound effects. Also, UV is dangerous, especially if teeth whitening is something you would consider doing regularly.

The most natural process to whiten teeth are through gels with professional concentrations. The results will be gradual, but you WILL notice the difference.

Whitening Process

Once I agreed with the collaboration, I received my kit in a few days. It came with trays, impression materials, bleaching and desensitizing materials, and instructions.


Take impressions of your teeth using the impression materials and trays provided. Mix the two materials together in a “folding” technique. Mix until you don’t see anymore of the white material. There are instructions included in the kit for your reference.

Smile Brilliant Review from a Dental Professional-Instructions - Late by Lattes

Instructions for Impressions

An extra set of impression material is included just in case you make a mistake. Then you place your impressions in the pink prepaid mailing envelope. Complete in the card that is provided with the required information and place in the bag. Drop off in USPS.

You will receive your customized bleaching trays and case in the mail within a week.

STEP 1: Placing Bleaching Material in Trays

I’ve been making bleach trays for my patients for years, and I’ve always “scalloped” my trays. This means, the border of the trays outline the margins of the teeth. This is to ensure that the bleach doesn’t seem into the gums and just sit there because this can cause a chemical burn. When it’s scalloped, it’s easier to wipe off the bleach that has seeped out from the tray. I would use small scissors to scallop the trays because it can be pretty tedious. If you don’t want to risk ruining your trays, it’s fine, just place vaseline around gums before placing your trays. Another options is to apply vit E oil after bleaching where you have the burn.

Place a small amount of bleaching material in the tray. DO NOT fill the tray. DO NOT brush your teeth with toothpaste immediately placing the trays in your mouth, just water and toothbrush. This will ensure bleach is properly penetrated and absorbed. Once you place the tray in your mouth, the bleach with disperse around your teeth. Depending on your sensitivity, you can start leaving the tray in for 30 minutes. Then you can increase it to 1-4 hours. The efficacy of the bleaching material is about 4 hours.

STEP 2: Removing Trays

You can bleach every day, or every other day, again, depending on your sensitivity.

When you remove your trays, rinse your mouth, but do not brush your teeth. Rinse your trays with water and soap, do NOT brush trays with toothpaste because toothpaste is very abrasive to the material.

TIP: try to refrain from any foods/beverages that can stain a white T shirt. Teeth are very porous and they are still working to absorb the material. Drink plenty of water to ensure adequate absorption.

I have severely sensitive teeth. After the 2nd consecutive session, my teeth were severely sensitive, but the desensitizing gels they provided really help.

STEP 3: Apply Desensitizer

Apply desensitizing gel just as you were apply the bleaching material. Leave for a couple of hours. Remove the trays, but DO NOT rinse your mouth. Clean your trays with soap and water.

TIP: If you know you have sensitive teeth, I would advise conditioning your teeth with sensitive toothpaste for a couple of weeks to condition your teeth.

Smile Brilliant Before & After - late by lattes

As a Dental Professional, Would I recommend it?

Yes. They are attentive, responsive, and also professional. Their kits make sure you get the best results.

Of course, just as Smile Brilliant recommends, always seek your dental professional before doing ANY type of teeth whitening. Lesions in the mouth and dental issues can worsen during a simple whitening process. Get regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings to achieve that beautiful and confident smile.

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Yes! This really works. As a dental hygienist, ive seen a few kits that are just, “eh.” This is actually pretty good, and, of course they advocate about dental health as well.

  1. It’s great that this worked for you, there is a big difference between the two photos. Unfortunately I can’t try these kits because my teeth are way too sensitive.

    1. Girl, my teeth are super sensitive too. I actually HATE bleaching my teeth because of it. The gels provided really works though, and as an addition, i always tell my patients to use sensitive toothpaste everyday.

  2. This sounds like a great product. I like that you can recommend this product and that you are an expert when it comes to taking care of teeth.

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