Poetic Republic – San Antonio’s Newest Coffee Shop Hangout

There’s Starbucks, then there’s Poetic Republic.

If you like large, noisy, corporate cafes, with inconsistent coffee mixtures, then head over to the big dogs.

If you prefer to sit, relax, and enjoy the company of your own thoughts, head over to Poetic Republic, located in San Antonio’s “Southtown.” Southtown in itself is another kind of culture. While everyone is swarming around the heart of San Antonio in the Alamo, you can find the downtown locals enjoying the ecclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and artsy historic artchitecture.


Poetic Republic fits right in—unassuming, quaint, and undeniably local. It’s not a huge coffee shop at all–probably not a place where you should brainstorm a group project. It’s a place to bring a buddy to sip and enjoy a leisure conversation. Since it is small, it does have that downtown feel. The owners, Brenda and Jorge are one of the sweetest business people I’ve met. You could tell this is their passion, as witnessed by their large mission statement slapped on the wall crafted by Jorge himself. The interior design of their coffee shop compliments the modest presentation of their building. Aside from owning the shop, they also run the counter and every aspect of the operation—so you know the coffee and quality is consistent.

As I was talking to Brenda, they were trying to attract live poetry and music, so look forward to that soon.

If you like books, if you like music, if you like poetry, head over to Poetic Republic.



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