There’s something about coffee shops that provide and promote an environment conducive to creativity and conversations. That’s why I love going to different coffee shops; not only do they provide that atmosphere, but it’s the coffee shop themselves–they have their own quirks that make it unique.

Mondays are my days off, so it allows me that time to get brunch and visit different coffee shops (other than Starbucks). It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the solitude and absorb the atmosphere without the crowd.

My first cafe on my “Coffee Shop Hops” that I’d like to mention is PHILOÇOFFEE. They have an easy menu but also a substantial one to help crave your hunger. They have a breakfast and lunch menu. What I recommend to try is the pesto grilled cheese sandwich–grilled cheese AND pesto?! Of course, let’s not forget their coffee menu–great selections and coffee is brewed perfectly.


I love their colored art lattes!

PSX_20180904_203447 (1).jpgPSX_20180903_133731 (1).jpg

Love their quaint space—it’s small, but spacious!

PSX_20180904_203234 (1)

It’s not a coffee shop without a cute patio!


I’m a dog person, and a great coffee shop for me needs to be dog-friendly. I feel most restaurants/cafes that have a patio can be considered “dog friendly,” but places that acknowledge the pets is a gold standard for me. They have a jar of dog treats and of course a very friendly patio–lots of greenery to do their business (but please clean up after your pet).



If you guys haven’t checked them out yet, you should. Bring your friends and your furry friends! Try their awesome and delicious menu, and don’t forget to try their latte art, but make sure to take a picture first!

PHILOÇOFFEE is located at:
606 W. French Pl.
San Antonio, TX 78212

Stay tuned for the next coffee shop hop review!

Check their website Philocoffee

Follow them on Instagram! Philocoffee Insta


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