My Go-To Summer Outfits

Seasons have different outfit themes, but one thing that needs to stay consistent with my style is “comfort.” Summer is probably the easiest season for outfit hunting–you either wear next-to-nothing or a conservative next-to-nothing. Below are a few “conservative next-to-nothing” outfit styles. Nude is not my comfort style, so no need for a NSFW disclaimer.


The Croptop Blouse/Set
It hides just enough skin to make it elegant, but also shows enough skin to give it that summer flirty look–you know, the look of “hey, i’m pretty fresh, no sweat here.” Basically, my “summer flirty look” is the look of not drowning in your sweat. It’s super easy to wear too. It goes well with a pair of jeans, shorts, or skirts—but I’d rather style it with highwaisted bottoms. If you’re into matching sets, those are cute too.

1.PNG (2)
The “Down-to-There” Situation
Yeah, i said “conservative” next-to-nothing. I don’t think this style is categorized to a near-nude situation. Come on, a little body tape can prevent the slippie of the nippie. I’d style it with layered necklaces—it fills in the bareskin midline area.
1.PNG (1)Flowy Maxi Dress
I guess this is where the conservative part comes in. Eventhough you’re covered 80%, maxi dresses can still give off that flirty summer vibe. I’d go for the very flowy material so it looks like you’re a floating goddess or just walking during an extremely windy day–wind is good; wind helps channel your inner Beyonce. I’d accessorize with a cute hat.
What’s your go-to summer style?

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