Transform Your Summer Favorites into the Fall/Winter Season

Don’t put away your summer clothes just yet! Here in Texas, we have to be creative with our wardrobe because the weather can get pretty bipolar—one day it feels like winter, the next day it feels like the middle of summer. Here are some transition pieces to wear with my favorite summer items to get you ready for the cold!

Summer Item:   Skirts/Shorts
Transition:   Stockings

These are a MUST in my wardrobe, especially patterned stockings. Wear them under your favorite skirt/shorts. Pair with plain, opaque stockings for a simple look, or elevate the look with patterned stockings for a more edgy style.


Summer Item: Dresses
Transition: Layers/Booties

Summer dresses are one of my favorites to wear during the summer–it’s dainty, fun, and colorful! I’d still love to have that fun-sunshine feeling during the winter days. Pair the dresses with some layering (blazer/denim jackets/scarf). Boots/booties would make it appear more fitting for the cold season. For short dresses, OTK boots or stockings with ankle boots would look very chic. Another warm and cozy idea is to  layer oversized sweaters over the dress-it will make your dress look like a skirt!


Summer Item: Bralettes
Transition: Oversized sweaters/tops

It may sound crazy to wear bralettes during the winter, well, because you’re practically wearing nothing. Cover it with an oversized sweater with loose shoulders so you can still get a sneak peak of the bralette. Another item you can pair them with is a loose button up–button the shirt half-way up, just exposing the bralette. Then, tuck-in the shirt under your favorite jeans. Don’t forget about those basics! Wear them under the bralette for a more conservative look.


What are your favorite summer trends, and how do you wear them during the winter?

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