Easy Cookie Butter Latte

Yes, it IS what society would call, “Pumpkin Spice Everything season, OMG.” I would do a disservice to my “latte” brand by not having a recipe, so yes, I will definitely come up with one soon.

In the spirit of the season, Fall doesn’t just remind me of pumpkin spice lattes, but of lattes in general–really creative, cozy ones, and not just your espresso to milk ratio.

I tend to not eat any pastries or anything sweet with my coffee, mainly because, I do have to regretfully admit, like my coffee sweet. I feel like you can do so many creative things with coffee that way. With that said, why not combine my favorite cookie with my coffee! Here’s the recipe below:




Milk Mixture

  1. Place milk in saucepan until hot (not boiling).
  2. Add Biscoff cookie butter and whisk. You’ll be surprised how easily it dissolves.
  3. Add vanilla extract
  4. Throw in cinnamon stick
  5. Stir until you can smell the fragrance of cinnamon


  1. Pour milk mixture in French Press and pump until milk froths
  2. Prepare espresso either with a machine or instant espresso packets (add hot water)
  3. Remove lid from french press and slowly pour in espresso
  4. Top latte with remaining froth OR whipped cream
  5. crush 1 Biscoff cookie and sprinkle on latte.

There you have it, a nice warm, fall latte. Enjoy! What are your cookie butter recipes? I’d like to know and try them out! For a full list of my recommended coffee gear, click HERE.


11 thoughts on “Easy Cookie Butter Latte

  1. What a treat! I actually have a jar of Biscoff cookie cream at home which I received as a gift and didn’t know what to use it for. Sweetening my morning coffee with it sounds like a perfect idea.

  2. This looks delicious! I want to make this but I don’t know if Japan sells that cookie butter. I would eat it from the jar if I had it though because I love that brand of cookies!

  3. This looks absolutely delicious! I haven’t tried this particular recipe but I’m glad that it looks easy to follow. And I still have a jar of Biscoff in my pantry. Thank you for this!!!

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