June Favorites

June Favorites

These are some of my favorite items that I’ve purchased, tried, and loved.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

What I love about these is that they’re wireless, and easy to use. It’s touch integrated, so you don’t need to mess with your phone. I always run with one ear free to be more aware of my surroundings, so I am able to put one bud in my pocket and not have to worry about it dangling. These galaxy buds also have the option to enhance ambient noise, which is also great because it intensifies the surrounding noise–another plus especially if you’re outside on your own. The tiny charging case is so compact and minimalistic–it looks like a little pill box. I’ve tried other wireless earphones and I wasn’t a fan. The airpods look silly, it’s like a q-tip hanging out of your ear. The BOSE in ear wireless sticks out like a beetle is squeezing its way out (the sound is EXCELLENT though).



Quay Sunglasses

I love the matte material, large frames to compliment my face, and super durable. It feels so well-made and sturdy, and of course, SUPER STYLISH!

QUARTZ Facial Rollers

I’ve been into facial rollers because they’re just so soothing on my facial muscles, but it also helps apply my facial products for better absorption. I particular like this set because of it’s beautiful packaging, velvet carrying pouch included, and very high quality quartz. The facial quartz roller is heavy and feels great between your fingers. The gua sha stone is heavy and handles well. There will be a blog post soon on the difference between the two and which I prefer to use.


Did you know your phone is dirtier than the toilet? We wash our hands, but do we ever clean our phones? Sure you can wipe it with sanitizing wipes, but it will damage your phone. UV is used in science labs to sanitize their equipment without damaging it. Phonesoap helps sanitize your phone safely, while charging it. They have a travel-size and cute different colors as well! BONUS: If you buy through Amazon and take a quick survey from the email they send you after purchasing it, you will get a $2 rebate!



I am absolutely in love with this serum. The packaging is beautiful with its frosted bottle and the serum itself is so lightweight, make up easily layers on top on it. I’ve written an entire blog post about it and how strawberries are so beneficial to our skin. Check it out here!

Volition Beauty Strawberry Serum Vitamin C | Late By Lattes