Au Naturale: The Everyday, No-Makeup, Makeup Look

Au Naturale: The Everyday, No-Makeup, Makeup Look

**Quick VIDEO TUTORIAL at the END**

I’m not a huge fan spending time fixing my face. I don’t normally wear too much make-up, MAINLY because I’m not a make-up guru, so my skills are minimal. I do, though, have been comfortable with a natural, everyday make up look that can–at the VERY least–make me look decent.

Since I’m always on-the-go, I carry my makeup with me everywhere, so I tend to not have a lot of products with me. Here are some TIPS to keep products at a minimal, especially while traveling.



1. I mix the Clinique Tinted moisturizer with the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops for a glowing, dewy, summer look. 

2. The Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer, I also use as eyeshadow



  1. use the Milani Setting Spray on the MAC Eye Shadow for more pigment and to set the product. 
  2. Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer, I use as both a bronzer and eyeshadow.



I mix these two lippies together for a natural lip shade to match my olive skin tone. Also, the ELF lipstick feels SUPER SMOOTH on the lips. LOVE IT.


These are my favorite make up cases–sleek, easy organization, and easy to carry.





Effortless Beachy Waves

Effortless Beachy Waves

HEY! If you’re here, then you’re probably wondering what in the world I do with my hair, ORRRRRR, maybe I passive aggressively forced you to come here. In any case, I would like to share with you what I use to style my hair and how I use them. I will break this down in two sections: WHAT I AM CURRENTLY USING and OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS. Don’t forget to check out my video tutorial at the end!




All my hair products are VIRTUE products. Why? Well, they’re great, AAAND, they’re the ONLY company that can claim (researched, proven, and PATENTED) to use ACTUAL human keratin (ethically sourced, of course) in ALL of their products. What’s so great about keratin? Well, it helps repair damaged hair. Yeah, you’ll see other hair products with “keratin,” but those are either synthesized or extracted from vegetables. When you use ACTUAL human keratin on your hair, your hair recognizes it as its own protein, effectively repairing hair.


Volumizing Primer: I use this to prime my hair before heat styling. This also gives my hair volume while I style my hair so it doesn’t look so flat while I’m styling it.

Texturizing Spray: This is my FAVORITE! I have very straight and flat hair, even without styling my hair, once I spray this baby on, **POOF**, hello Beyonce! When I do style my hair, I use this after heat styling to give that extra texturized, beach babe look, and it also adds a little bit more volume. This comes in a FULL SIZE or TRAVEL SIZE.

Moisture-Defining Whip: This is their “mousse,” and I use this to HOLD the style. I like to pinch the ends of my hair with a little bit of product to give my ends a more “piecey” look. This comes in a FULL size or a Travel Size


I swear by Kristin Ess hair tools. Not only do they look GREAT, but it works so great on my short hair–aesthetically pleasing and precise without the T3 Micro pricetag!! Also, Kristin Ess  IS  Lauren Conrad’s hairstylist–you know, the Lauren Conrad with the cute lobby waves? She is MY HAIR GOALS!


1 1/4″ Curling Iron: PERFECT for short hair. I especially LOVE the clamp because it’s tight enough to straighten my ends when I pull down, but not TOO tight to pull my hair out. Also, the barrel is made of TITANIUM, which helps the hair glide effortlessly around the barrel and deliver heat FASTER. Its ergonomic design allows you to maneuver around short hair. LOVE IT!

Hair Dryer: This dryer folds and is compact! It’s small, but POWERFUL! The ionic technology locks moisture, eliminates frizz, and enhances shine. It has a professional DC motor which dries larger sections of hair faster.


Alpha Keratin–that is ALL. This is how I am able to style my hair without feeling guilty about it and keep it healthy and shiny. To NOTE: The purple shampoo I’ve listed is NOT by Virtue, but I LOVE it! It tones my bleached balayage to an ashy brown.


Here are other Kristin Ess Tools

These are great low-budget alternatives!


June Favorites

June Favorites

These are some of my favorite items that I’ve purchased, tried, and loved.


Samsung Galaxy Buds

What I love about these is that they’re wireless, and easy to use. It’s touch integrated, so you don’t need to mess with your phone. I always run with one ear free to be more aware of my surroundings, so I am able to put one bud in my pocket and not have to worry about it dangling. These galaxy buds also have the option to enhance ambient noise, which is also great because it intensifies the surrounding noise–another plus especially if you’re outside on your own. The tiny charging case is so compact and minimalistic–it looks like a little pill box. I’ve tried other wireless earphones and I wasn’t a fan. The airpods look silly, it’s like a q-tip hanging out of your ear. The BOSE in ear wireless sticks out like a beetle is squeezing its way out (the sound is EXCELLENT though).



Quay Sunglasses

I love the matte material, large frames to compliment my face, and super durable. It feels so well-made and sturdy, and of course, SUPER STYLISH!

QUARTZ Facial Rollers

I’ve been into facial rollers because they’re just so soothing on my facial muscles, but it also helps apply my facial products for better absorption. I particular like this set because of it’s beautiful packaging, velvet carrying pouch included, and very high quality quartz. The facial quartz roller is heavy and feels great between your fingers. The gua sha stone is heavy and handles well. There will be a blog post soon on the difference between the two and which I prefer to use.


Did you know your phone is dirtier than the toilet? We wash our hands, but do we ever clean our phones? Sure you can wipe it with sanitizing wipes, but it will damage your phone. UV is used in science labs to sanitize their equipment without damaging it. Phonesoap helps sanitize your phone safely, while charging it. They have a travel-size and cute different colors as well! BONUS: If you buy through Amazon and take a quick survey from the email they send you after purchasing it, you will get a $2 rebate!



I am absolutely in love with this serum. The packaging is beautiful with its frosted bottle and the serum itself is so lightweight, make up easily layers on top on it. I’ve written an entire blog post about it and how strawberries are so beneficial to our skin. Check it out here!

Volition Beauty Strawberry Serum Vitamin C | Late By Lattes


Vitamin C in the Strawberry

Vitamin C in the Strawberry

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin because it is one of the vitamins that are not synthesized by the human body. We consume it from our fruits and vegetables, supplements, and also apply it topically for skin health benefits.


  1. Boosts skin collagen production: plump and firm skin, smooths wrinkles
  2. Antioxidant properties: fights sun damage
  3. Wound Healing: heals scars
  4. Fights dry skin

Oranges have been the most celebrated as the source of vitamin C, but did you know that there is a fruit that has more vitamin c than the orange?


Did you know that strawberries contain 14% more vitamin C than oranges? Vitamin C serums are important in skincare, but they can be costly. I usually use IS Clinical Vitamin C Pro Heal Serum, it works great, but it costs an arm and a leg.

Volition Beauty came up with a Vitamin C serum derived from strawberries–half the price of most serums with more to offer! It’s beautifully packaged with a frosted glass bottle and glass dropper.


  2. STRAWBERRY SEED EXTRACT: nourishes & moisturizes
  3. STRAWBERRY FRUIT EXTRACT: brighten & unclogs pores
  4. HYALURONIC ACID: reduce inflammation, firms skin
  5. KAKADU PLUM: reduce appearance of wrinkles & redness
  6. SEA WATER: protects against inflammation, reduce appearance of pores
  7. ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID: more stable form, longer shelf life
  8. You only need a pea size to cover entire face
  9. VERY light weight
  10. Layers well under make up, no patching!

What I’m most excited for about this product is the amount of vitamin c you get for half the price of my favorite vitamin c serum. Not only do you get more of the product, but it lasts longer due to the more stable type of vitamin c–ethyl ascorbic acid—although not the MOST potent type, it still does the job.

Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

Father’s Day Gifts Under $30

I’m a terrible gifter. I play it safe and just go for gift cards. I mean, who DOESN’T like money you can spend on your own, right? Well, it was brought to my attention that gifting isn’t just about being materialistic, but also plays a little sentimental part—you know, the whole “it’s the ‘thought’ that counts?” Well, I was told that I wasn’t really giving any “thought” with a gift card.


Father’s Day is just around the corner. What do you get a man who already has everything?

So, in a way, I get it. It IS the thought that counts for gifting, and most likely a practical one too–a dad who loves to BBQ, but doesn’t have all the tools to do it. How about father who is the fixer-upper, but hates lugging around his heavy tool chest? It’s the little things and gestures that count. Dads are men of very few words, and the subtle cues that you pick up can really make his day.

Here are some gifting ideas to help a dad out without breaking the bank.

Stainless Steel Grill Set: $26.99

Not only does it look sleek and minimalistic, this SS grill set is a great way to organize, convenient storage, and easy to carry all his tools for a successful cookout! This is the perfect gift for a Father’s Day BBQ!

Multi-Functional Backpack: $29.98

This is for the traveling, outdoorsy dads out there! This multi-functional backpack fits a 17″ laptop, USB built-in charging cable and a headphone jack that’s easily accessible for the on-the-go dad.

CROSS Pens: $15.39

These pens are actually my favorite to gift, for both men and women. They are stylish, sleek, and its ergonomic designs makes it easy to write. This style of pen can range from $15-1k, but no matter the price, the quality is perfection and would be a great addition in your dad’s office space.

Indoor Grill: $27.80

Raining on Father’s Day? The night calls for a quick and quiet dinner, but still want that smoke-house taste? No problem—indoor grill! Get those beautiful grill marks, no mess, easy clean with non-stick surface, and still get that sizzling sound. Even better, it’s also a griddle!

RFID Blocking, Low-profile Wallet: $27.98

This is for the minimalist, simple, and practical dad. The original RIDGE Carbon Fiber wallet can cost easily over $50, but this knock-off is a great low-end. Made of quality material, this carbon fiber wallet blocks RFID readers, low-profile and easily slips in the pocket—because you know, dads don’t have purses. This is also beautifully packaged, great for gifting!

Beer Chill Sticks: $14.99

Don’t mess with a dad and his beer! These beer chill sticks are 100% FDA compliant, BPA free, dishwasher safe and easy to clean! Clean and put it back in the freezer. Beer and BBQ go hand in hand, literally. While dad smokes up the meat, help him keep his beer chilled during the hot summer BBQ days with the fam!

Multi-tool Kit: $19.74

You can always count on dad to do the little fixes around the house. Help a dad out with this multi-tool kit, compact, light-weight with stainless steel construction. With its 10-tool set, it is a convenient piece for a handy-man. No need to lug a huge tool box for minor fixes!

Shop away for this father’s day! I hope these options fit the everyday lifestyle for the man of the house.