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Accessories are a huge fashion statement to help elevate an outfit, but what EXACTLY is a “fashion statement?” Gorgeous outfits may be the highlight of a look, but it’s the details that make an outfit a “style.” As a time-piece enthusiast, a unique and quality watch is a must-have in styling an outfit. One piece I am excited to add to my collection is the “Stacked Sandalwood & Olive with Ivory” from Jord. This watch is a perfect addition to my accessories because it presents a different angle to every style.
To start off, I was very excited that Jord reached out to me for a collaboration. I love unique and stylish time-pieces—they’re always part of my outfit. I was also very pleased with their professionalism. They’re very attentive and responsive to ensure that both parties are satisfied to reach a common goal.
Jord is a handmade wood watch company from St. Louis. These watches are unique with their natural wooden designs without compromising the overall minimalistic and modern look. Different species of woods are sourced by JORD to individualize each watch to fit each personality.
Stacked Sandalwood & Olive with Ivory
Sandalwood is known for it’s fragrance, cosmetic uses, and medicine. The grain/texture of this wood has a unique fiddleback figure. This particular watch design caught my eye because of the brown almost rose-gold tone. Most of my accessories are gold/rose-gold, so this addition fits well into my aesthetic, adding more of a boho, rustic look.
Your watch is carefully packaged in a beautiful, polished wooden box. The lid is secured with magnets to ensure tight and proper fit to protect your watch. A neat addition to the box is that it has a small-pullout compartment. I like to store the cleansing oil there, or you can use it as a small jewelry box. A complementary custom-formulated cleansing oil is packaged, but it is only good for about 4 applications. You can buy more in their website.
Jord watches are made with natural wood, so it requires a little more TLC to preserve its natural, beautiful state. Your watch comes with a 1.5 mL cleansing oil pen. USE IT. They are splash proof, but you cannot submerge it in water.
I am thrilled with this watch. It fits any personality and style. JORD watches are very multi-dimensional–you can go boho to classic or modern to rustic. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who is into organic materials or anyone who is looking to experience something unique!
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  1. Their watches are so nice and this one looks great on you! I love how detailed his post was. Great information for anyone looking to buy one!

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